Raymond Rarks +2017-12

Jack Rutherford +2017-07

Patricia Hennigan +2017-07

Sandy Skurnicki +2017-05

Maurice Gartner +2017-03

Joseph Lawrence Wichert JR +2017-01

Richard Postrozny +2016-11

Roger Stumpf +2016-12

James R Lovett +2016-12

Norman Jahaske +2016-11

George Demetrios Aravosis +2016-11 

Lee Russell +2016-11

Jerrold L Kessle +2016-09

Michael Heuer +2016-09

Robert Steinberg +2016-08

Frank Lerch +2016-07

James Robert Wilson +2016-06

Joseph P Cleary +2016-05

Jim Savage +2016-05

Werner Koczian +2016-03

James Harrington +2015-12

Otto Buti +2015-09


William McKinley +2015-05

Christopher William Pelc. 2015-05

Russ Freeland +2015-04

Thomas Ewalt 2015-03

Dorothy (Dottie) Pinto +2015-03

James A. Fencl Jr. +2015-03

Elizabeth McNamara +2015-02

Wladyslaw Kania +2015-02

David S.Gierut +2015-02

Merlyn J. Dubler +2015-02

Terry Lee Workman +2105-02

Dorothy J Korosic +2015-02

John C. Arndt +2015-01

Carol Gutzmeer +2015-01

Charles S. Crutcher Jr. +2015-01

Jim Huffman +2015-1

Don Shimkus +2015-01

Marian V. Mack +2015-01

Paul Glatz +2014-12

Joseph P. Schwaller Jr. +2014-12

Joseph Palladino +2014-11

Gerald (Jerry) Lynch 2014-10

Dorothy J. Korosic +2014-07

Chuck Imbler +2013-04

A C O’Meara III +2012-04

A C O’Meara III +2012-04

Ross Richard Riley Lober +2012-01

Deacon Richard E  Nowak+2011-01

Keith Peter Mazurek +2010-08

9 comments on “Obituaries
  1. You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  2. I just wanted to say that I sincerely apologize for messing up the roll development. It pains me to think that I would be responsible for messing up part of your project. I hope it works out when you do it over. I love your project. It’s such a cool idea. There are a ton of awesome photos on the site. Keep working hard!

  3. Voilà enfin un site dans la même direction que le mien.Je te remercie pour les informations que tu véhicules.Cela fait des années que je cultive mon potager NATURELLEMENT et que j’essaie d’en persuader mon entourage…………..non sans mal!Si tu le permets j’aimerai inscrire ton site sur le mien.CordialementElisabeth

  4. I could be totally wrong but when I did consulting marketing we had retailers ask for customer zip codes purely for data collection related to where to send out promotional material and having nothing to do with new locations. Haven’t you had this happen in most stores and there’s never a new one? Side note, I always give a TN zip code just to be annoying cause that’s how I roll.

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